Involving Team members and moving forward as captain

I bring interdisciplinary thinking and action to the table in my remits and projects and am a very results-oriented person. An ability to look at the bigger picture is simply part of who I am and enables me to generate significant benefits for my client. I question the appropriateness of procedures, processes and structures to optimize value creation within the company. My many years of experience in industry makes me capable of generating decisive impetus for positive change. At the same time, I spotlight the prevailing knowledge and expertise within the company by involving all team members, delegating responsibility to them and thus laying the foundation for greater motivation.

I am also able to keep a cool head and introduce calmness and tranquillity into a team particularly when growing feels difficult: I simple knuckle down and move forwards. Retaining an overview of all factors and issues, even in turbulent times, aids my very structured working style and helps me to keep an eye on the essentials.

With every project, I always succeed in achieving an optimum balance between quick-wins and strategic changes. This hones my profile as team captain and change promoter on management bodies and amongst the workforce. I always retain an eye on the strategic side of every projects – hence the major changes. My philosophy: To form a fully functioning team from many individual fighters.