Sprinting for the line together

I am a change manager with excellent communication skills and meet with a high level of acceptance and credibility on the shop floor. My degree in Engineering and training as a machine fitter helps me especially with technical matters. A high level of awareness and respect for the entire team are my recipe for success. I have therefore successfully managed corporate business units with up to 100 members of staff.

Involving, encouraging and challenging the team – I also succeed in very quickly adapting to the people in the organisation, which enables me to quickly maximize the potential of employees and build up a resilient and trusting relationship with them. I motivate through challenging work and, personally, take on the role of team captain and guide. Management coupled with respect are the order of the day.

Expertise is fostered and retained in a company by communicating targets, involving members of staff and delegating responsibility – even well beyond my active role. That’s what’s known as natural leadership and a sustainable approach totally in tune with the ethos of the company. We all sprint for the line together.